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  Dob-Tracker I 








The dob-tracker single -axis clock drive -motorized mount, tracks celestial objects smoothly with excellent stability and ease of operation. Set a dobsonian telescope on a low-profile dob-tracker mount and experience motorized tracking. You can move around the dobsonian as usual on the mount.Just point at objects , press switch on, and the platform starts to track. The top rocking plate has curved design feet bearings to allow tracking motion to move telescope-equatorially through a 20 degree arc,reset with pull of handle for 75 minutes of tracking time. You can also adjust for more tracking time. See more surface details with high powers on the moon and planets with the dob-tracker 1&3 motorize tracking platforms.                                

  • The celestron motor drive system runs off a small 9-v battery and has a fine tuning tracking speed control adjustment for - stars - planets -galaxies,and will run up to 40 hrs on a single 9volt battery                                                                                               


high quality celestron drive motors for heavy duty loads are used on all DOB Tracker models